Railway sleepers are a cost effective and attractive alternative for landscape construction. These excellent quality sleepers are made from UK grown softwood from FSC certified forests. They can be used for all types of landscaping projects including raised beds, decking, edging and steps. Treated with Tanatone these sleepers are safe for use around children’s play areas, raised vegetable beds and water courses whilst still having long-term protection against fungal decay and insect attack. The brown colour of Tanatone provides a great natural finish which blends in with most surroundings. Please contact us in case you have any questions.

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How to use sleepers

Wooden garden sleepers can be used for a variety of outdoor landscaping projects. Garden borders, raised beds and lawn edging are a few simple but effective examples for sleepers in the garden. Sleepers can also be used for more advanced projects including landscape steps, retaining walls and other hard landscaping works. For many years, landscape gardeners and homeowners have all been taking advantage of the hard-wearing, reliable nature of sleepers to create completely unique features in a range of gardens. Today, there are so many options available for gardeners to create wholly unique spaces. It will also give your garden an amazing look!

Reasons to use railway sleepers in your garden

Are you looking for new and unique ways to personalise your garden to create the natural environment of your dreams? If you’re thinking of adding something a little different to your outside space, why not consider railways sleepers? Here are some benefits:

  • Unique appearance: no other kind of wood can match the distinct appearance of a sleeper. Their natural and simple appearance means that they can fit into any kind of outdoor space, whether a traditional cottage environment or a suburban family home.
  • Strong material: as they are designed to deal with even the most adverse weather conditions and not lose their strength, they can provide a long-lasting service in your environment without splitting or breaking apart.
  • Sleepers are Eco-friendly: sleepers will age over time, that will give the sleepers a more distinct and natural aesthetic. 
    If you no longer want them, someone else could still use them.