Screened Topsoil

Do you need screened topsoil for your garden? The Otter Nursery has two different grades of topsoil. Our 15mm screened topsoil has no added organic matter. It has a sandy loam texture which allows for drainage. It is suitable for any general landscaping purposes - it's ideal as an underlay for Turf and for raising levels. Our premium certified topsoil is our highest grade of topsoil with added compost, making a great base for flower beds & vegetable gardens. This is screened to 10mm so will have minimal stones; it is a fine and friable organic-rich sandy loam soil, full of essential plant nutrients. suitable for general landscaping purposes. Please contact us in case you have any questions. 

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Benefits of topsoil

Good garden soil forms the basis for a beautiful garden. Of course, a good planting plan, geared to the soil in your garden, and proper maintenance are also important. But only if the plants are "in good soil" will their roots, do well. 

How do you use garden soil?

Loosen the top layer of the soil with a cultivator or rake. Put a thin layer of garden soil over it and rake the soil well again. This allows you to mix existing soil with the new garden soil. If you want to raise the soil considerably with garden soil, then spit the soil to mix the top layer well.

Tip: do not place new plants in pure fertilized garden soil, but in a mixture of the existing soil with potting soil or garden soil. Looking for plants? We have a small selection on The Otter Nursery Plants page, but lots more available in our nursery.