Turf is a layer of grass grown on a thin layer of soil, harvested in rolls or slabs for immediate transplantation. It offers a fast and effective method for establishing a lush, green lawn without the wait time associated with seeding. Turf is ideal for creating an instant impact in gardens, public spaces, and sports fields, providing a dense, weed-free grass area from the moment it’s laid.

The benefits of turf include quick soil stabilisation, erosion control, and the immediate aesthetic appeal of a mature lawn. It’s especially favoured in landscaping projects where time or the appearance of maturity is crucial. Turf requires preparation and care, including proper soil preparation, watering, and initial maintenance, to ensure successful establishment and long-term health.

Used effectively, turf can transform barren or uneven landscapes into vibrant, green spaces that enhance the outdoor environment and provide a durable surface for recreation and relaxation.