9 Jul


At The Otter Nursery, we are introducing safety improvements and kindly ask you to familiarise yourself with the updated guidelines before your next visit.

2 Jul


A big congratulations to Katerina Kantalis for achieving Gold at the Royal Horticultural Society Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival for ‘The Mediterraneo Garden’. All

2 May


Make the most of the Bank Holiday Weekend by spending time in the garden. To kickstart the holiday, we’re offering a 20% discount on

29 Apr


We are committed to making your dream garden a reality. From soil replacement to creating new beds or completely renovating your garden, we cater

6 Mar


If you’re wondering how to get rid of Ivy for good, it can be done. However, we would also ask you to rethink getting

29 Feb


Welcome to the March edition of our gardening guide! As the embrace of winter loosens its grip, our gardens come alive with the promise

15 Feb


In the world of indoor gardening, the topic of cutting or pruning houseplants often raises questions and uncertainties. Do our leafy companions truly benefit

6 Feb


Embark on a journey into the captivating world of cacti and succulents, where resilience meets beauty in the most extraordinary way. These unique plants,

1 Feb


Welcome to the February edition of our gardening guide! As winter’s grip begins to loosen, our gardens awaken with the promise of a new

27 Jan


Discover the wonders of gardening in winter, a season of tranquillity and growth amidst frost-kissed landscapes. Winter, often associated with dormancy and barrenness, may

10 Jan


Are you looking to give your backyard and balcony gardens a winter makeover? Have you considered growing some winter-interest plants? As the days grow

31 Dec


The new year offers a fresh start, an opportunity to let our green thumbs flourish and transform our gardens into oases of sustainability. Whether