Get rid of green algae in the garden

Get rid of green algae in the garden

There are a few good options for getting rid of green algae in the garden. Green algae plus moss and liverworts can appear just about anywhere in a garden, from ponds to pots and soil to lawns. Many are perfectly harmless and, in fact, very good for the environment, but there will also be times you would prefer to clean them away to make space, to clear pond water or remove it from soil, stones and pavement or decking. The growth of green algae is generally due to damp and shady conditions on surfaces, or if it’s in a pond, it’ll be due to an imbalance of nitrates and phosphate. There are plenty of ways to deal with it.

A natural way to get rid of green algae in the garden

  • If you are ready to put in some work, grab a stiff bristle brush and mix some dish soap, water and bicarbonate of soda.
  • Once applied to patios and paving, give them a really good scrub. It’s pretty surprising how clean it will come up, and it will look as good as new!
  • You can also use this method on pots, containers and decking, but if your brush is stiff and you are working on wood, test it first so you don’t scratch the surface too hard. 

Other ways to get rid of green algae in the garden 

You can buy many products off the shelf that can be applied to green algae, which will vanish very quickly. Ensure the products you are purchasing are safe for wildlife, pets and children. Many are diluted with water, sprinkled over the affected area and then left to work their magic. Others can be used with a pressure washer or a stiff scrubbing brush. 


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