At The Otter Nursery, we have a wide range of aggregates available in bulk bags which weigh approx. 850kg and cover an area of 10sqm if laid to a depth of 50mm.   Aggregates are a cost-effective way to instantly transform your garden. They can be used on driveways, carparks and courtyards but also as mulch in the garden as they help to retain water and also provide protection from the elements.  

If you require a different aggregate we are able to custom order any of the bulk bags of Kelkay aggregates,  we do require a a minimum order of 6 bags and quote a 2 week lead time.  Please contact us to discuss a custom order

The VAT is included in all of our listed prices, delivery is an additional cost and is calculated by distance. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Benefits of gravel

Gravel has many benefits. Below we have listed just a few:

  • Gravel gives your garden an attractive and stylish look, whether you are building a modern sleek garden or an old-fashioned farmyard. 

  • A gravel garden path or driveway is very easy to install! 

  • Gravel is low in maintenance, once you have laid the gravel, you have little further work left. Occasional raking is sufficient.

  • Gravel is ideal to combine with multiple materials and styles in the garden.

Get your aggregates at The Otter Nursery

Gravel offers a solution for many garden designs. The maintenance-friendly material can really be used for everything. Whether you want to lay narrow decorative paths through your garden, separate flowers and plants in a fun way or want to lay a playful terrace... Gravel is the ideal material! So get your gravel now at The Otter Nursery!