At The Otter Nursery, we have a large range composts including a selection of Westland speciality composts our Mushroom compost is ideal for vegetable beds and our Soil Conditioning compost is ideal for improving the condition of your soil. Both Mushroom and Soil Conditioner can be delivered in bulk bags or loose loads. By using compost you create a healthy soil in which your plants can fully develop. Because compost stimulates your garden soil, your plants are also be less likely to be affected by diseases. Please contact us in case you have any further questions.

Why do I need Compost?

The secret to a healthy and thriving plant is a balanced and nutrient-rich soil or compost. By using the right compost the rest is much easier. For example, fruit and vegetables require lots of nutrients from compost. This is because the plants not only need to be strong and healthy, they also need to taste good too which places more demands on the compost used to grow them in. Maintaining nutrient levels in your soil is vital if you are to grow healthy plants.

The best time to fertilize your garden is in the spring. During this period, the plants start flowering again and then they can use a little boost. During the summer, growth will experience a certain slowdown and come to a complete halt in the winter. For this reason, it is best not to give any more fertilizer during the autumn and winter (the plants are in a resting phase). There are, however, a number of exceptions. For example, it is a good idea to fertilize your lawn all year round. For other products to keep your garden healthy, you can take a look on our Garden Products page. 

Benefits of compost

A fertile soil is the best guarantee for years of garden pleasure, so that is certainly a reason to use compost. Here are some more benefits of composts:

  • Improves the soil structure

  • Prevents soil erosion

  • Gives plants a natural defense mechanism against soil diseases

  • Improves root growth

  • Increases the water reserve in sandy soils

  • Provides the plants with the necessary nutrients 

Compost is a very good fertilizer product. It can be applied shortly before planting and sowing, it does not impede root growth and provides a ready-made ecosystem to supplement and strengthen soil biology.