Turf for Delivery

Do you also dream of beautiful turf in your garden? Great grass gives your garden a natural and warm appearance. That makes everyone happy! Our Premium Grade Turf is available in conventional 1m² rolls (61cm x 164cm), it is available for collection or delivery all through out the year and is always cut fresh to order. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Benefits of turf

When designing or redesigning a garden, there are different ways to shape the basis of the garden. For example, you can choose to have grass installed, but it is also possible to add aggregates. Here are some benefits of turf: 

  • You will have an immediate result: the first and most important advantage of placing turf is that you will have immediate results after placing the turf. If you have laid the sod in the garden, you immediately have a beautiful green lawn.

  • The turf from The Otter Nursery is very soft, so children can play on it, and adults can sit on it.

  • The Turf has no trouble covering all kinds of difficult forms in your garden.

  • Weeds are less likely to stand in a lawn with turf.

How do I take care of turf? 

If you have purchased your turf, we understand that you want to keep it as beautiful as possible! Good care for your turf is therefore important. Hereby we have a number of tips to maintain your lawn as well as possible:

  • Mowing: it is important to mow your grass regularly to keep it nice. In this way the grass remains well cared for. Weeds also have little chance.

  • Watering: watering your lawn is also important! Water is a basic necessity for grass. But beware, too much water is not good, but not enough water either! You will, therefore, have to keep an eye on this.

  • Fertilize: fertilizing your lawn regularly is also very important.