Bark Mulch is a fabulous natural mulch that encourages beneficial soil organisms. Our contract mulch is light brown in colour and the pieces are of a non-uniform size. As a natural, attractive product it’s great for enhancing the look of your garden. It is perfect as wholesale mulch for outdoor spaces, public parks and pathways and also works very well in protecting plant roots when the temperature dips. Please contact us if you have any further questions about our bark.

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Benefits of bark

Bark placed around the base of plants can help your plants dry out less quickly, it also helps to keep weeds out of the garden in an environmentally friendly way. You can also use the bark in the garden for pathways and covering borders.

The bark mulch also ensures a reduction of soil erosion, which is created under the influence of wind, water and sun. The layer of bark ensures that the soil underneath remains moist. It causes an increase in biological activity and improves the organic matter content. It also inhibits the germination of weeds.

Buy your bark at The Otter Nursery

Bark from the Otter Nursery is an inexpensive and conscious solution for decorating any garden. Bark gives your garden a beautiful natural look and extra nutrition for your plants. Bark chips are extremely suitable for creating paths and provide a decorative covering of borders. Not sure if bark is the right choice? Please have a look at our aggregates or turf pages.