Stock up your pond

Stock up your pond

Stock up your pond from the great display of aquatic plants in stock now here in our garden centre at Ottershaw.

A pond is a calming oasis in the garden and is a magnet for wildlife, plus you get to grow a fascinating new range of plants which like their feet in water - and now is the perfect time to plant them.

Pond plants come in five groups, each planted in different parts of the pond. Deep-water aquatics include waterlilies and live at the very bottom, but marginals like water irises and butter-yellow marsh marigolds like their feet in water but their heads out, so plant them on shelves, just below the water's surface.

Floating oxygenators like Canadian pondweed are essential for the health of the pond, and ornamental floating plants like water hyacinth with pale lavender flowers held over curious inflated leaf stems also help shade the surface. Surround your pond with marginal plants, growing in a muddy bog garden alongside and you'll enjoy some real beauties like Lobelia 'Queen Victoria' and the tall spires of purple loosestrife.

Plant a good mix and you'll create the perfect ecosystem for your pond to thrive - plus you'll have a beautiful garden feature to look at all year round.