Grow exotic garden plants

Grow exotic garden plants

Start to grow exotic garden plants, and you will bring a tropical feel to your garden. It is easier than you might think with a few tips and tricks, plus the right plants for the right place. You might be surprised to find just how many exotic plants are both available in the UK and very tolerant of the weather conditions. Many will even survive a freezing winter. A great gardening method is to get stuck in and give it a go, and that’s most definitely the way forward with exotic plants. They will surprise and delight you right there in your own garden. 

How to grow exotic garden plants 

Exotic plants are no different to any other plant in that they need to have the right conditions to grow. Many exotic garden plants are much more hardy and tolerant of cooler weather than you might think. As ever, check the labels and do your research or ask in the garden centre where you are purchasing. Think about your own garden, where the sun is, what the soil condition is and if they like humidity. You can actually create your own mini microclimate with a backdrop of trees protecting against wind and colder weather as well. 

Grow exotic garden plants in small spaces 

It can be quite easy to do this because you can put many plants in pots close together, which helps create that microclimate in a small space. Pick taller plants at the back and smaller ones at the front, so you have a mini garden on a patio or balcony. There is something very satisfying about growing in a small space. Don’t forget your vertical areas because they are many climbing plants that will give the tropical feel. 

Not sure what to plant?

Visit The Otter Nursery and see our  range of exotic plants from in store. We have a wonderful assortment ready to be picked and planted in your garden or on your balcony or roof terrace. Find yourself a matching pot, too.