Guide to laying turf

Guide to laying turf


Turf Laying

Guide to laying turf

Turf enables you to create a smooth, green lawn almost instantly, and in contrast with the seeding option, this can be done at almost any time of year (weather allowing!). However, it’s essential for the beauty and longevity of your new lawn that you prepare the ground underneath properly before laying your turf, otherwise even the highest quality of turf will not give satisfactory results. Follow our ten easy steps to ensure that your new lawn looks its best from day one, and continues to do so right throughout the year.

1. If there is an existing lawn, remove it, using a shovel to cut out the old turves.

2. Turn over the soil to a depth of 15cm, either by hand or using a rotovator. Remove any stones, weeds, or other debris.

3. Apply a pre-turfing fertiliser to the soil, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

4. Rake the soil to provide a smooth surface, then lightly roll or firm the soil to avoid any soft areas, and repeat until the ground is evenly firm and level (but not compacted).

5. Measure your lawn area accurately in square metres, and order the desired quantity of turf– requesting a delivery that will enable you to lay the turf the same day.

6. Start by laying a length of turf around the outside of the lawn, avoiding using small strips as they dry out more easily. Always make sure the turf has full contact with the soil

7. Starting with the longest straight line, work across the lawn, staggering the joints so no continuous joins are created. Place boards down when you need to move across the area.

8. Make sure you push the edges up against each other, but do not stretch the turf. Use a sharp knife or half-moon spade to cut turf to length.

9. You must water your new turf within half an hour of installation. Give it a good soaking, checking that the water has seeped right through to the soil below.

10. Watering must be repeated until the turf has established; how often you need to do this will depend on the weather conditions.